happiNHES is all that I want and need

Nhes Imnida

❝never underestimate me I can do things way beyond your wildest imaginations❞


A Brief Profile 


  • Real Name: Nheslyn 
  • Nickname: Nhes (that’s what most people specially on the net call me)
  • Korean Name: Choi HyunAe
  • Japanese Name: Fujiwara Aname
  • American Name: Rean Choi
  • Online Identity: snsdxlover

Age:  15 years old

Birthday: February 23, 1997

Birthplace: Philippines

Languages known:  Filipino and English

Hobbies: Editing, Reading, watching, Moderating, Writing

Favorite Author: William Shakespeare 

Favorite Food: noodles and sweets

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Color Palette: light pink and gray

Favorite Number: 23

Favorite Movie: Windstruck

Motto: look at the sidebar

Family: Father, Mother, younger sister and younger brother


Elementary School

  • Union College Schools of Integrated Preparatory Studies (until Grade 4)
  • Santisima Cruz Elementary School (graduated)

High School

  • Pedro Guevara Memorial National High School (graduating on March)